6 Must Know Tips for Taking Your Children Fishing

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

Sharing your passion for fishing with your child can be a fun activity! However it can sometimes be a little bit difficult. The patience and discipline involved in the perfect catch can be hard to teach to a child. Here are a few must know tips for taking your children fishing.

Plan Ahead

Planning a trip in advance will ensure you have everything needed for a fun day of fishing and build the excitement of your child! Create a checklist of items like life jackets, food, water, bug spray, and first-aid gear to help. Make sure your children have gotten enough sleep and are prepared for the day to avoid meltdowns later on. In your planning, it is also fun to educate children about different aspects of fishing. Teaching your child about fishing safety is of the utmost importance. This will help prevent anyone getting hurt during your trip. Another fun education is studying different types of fish and their habitats with your child. Make cataloging different species of fish a game to build a little learning into your trip!

Choose Gear Wisely

Choose gear that is suitable for your child’s age. There are many youth poles that simplify fishing and are specifically made for your child’s small hands. Many children’s fishing rods also come as pre-spooled combos with a small tackle kit. Such poles can be a lifesaver for new fishermen and women! Spooling a new reel can be a time consuming and annoying process.

Go Early

Being strategic about the time of your fishing trip keeps your child happy – and catching fish! Planning a morning trip will help you avoid the worst of the Texas heat. It will also give your child a better chance of catching fish shallow water.  A lunch fishing trip can be fun, but some fish may swim to deeper waters to beat the heat. This means less fish for your little ones to catch. Another important thing to remember is to keep your time limit short. While an hour feels like a brief period of time to you, it may seem to be an eternity to your child.

Stay Safe

When selecting the perfect place to fish, look for stable ground and check for hazards like rocks or steep banks where children could slip on into the water. If you’re fishing from a boat or near any fast moving water, be sure to outfit your children with life jackets. Instruct your child to keep their fishing pole below the waist to avoid being pulled into the water by a big catch. If you are just practicing casting, barb-less hooks are a great way to work on casts without having to worry about hooking themselves or someone else.

Follow the Action

Choose a well stocked pond or body of water to fish from, especially if it is a child’s first fishing trip. The best way to keep them excited and involved is to go where the action is! Fishing near a shallow area where small fish and minnows are can also help keep kids interested.

Use Creepy Crawlies

Using live bait like worms and crickets will not only help you be more successful at hooking a fish, but it will also be fun for the kids. Unless your children are very squeamish, using live bait is a fun way to keep kids engaged and help them land a catch.

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